Inexpensive Limited Edition Posters and High Quality Prints

Many Cosmotography images are available as inexpensive Limited Edition Posters and High Resolution Prints suitable for framing, dry mounting or gift giving.

Each Limited Edition poster and High Resolution Print is reproduced from the full resolution master TIF file on heavy duty, fingerprint resistant Kodak Lustre Supra Endura paper that has the color saturation of glossy prints without the glare and will be personally signed by the author.

Most prints, up to 11x14, are shipped flat. Limited Editon Posters and prints 16x20 and larger are shipped in a sturdy tube. We guarantee your prints will arrive in perfect condition or they will be replaced.

Please select from the pictures below and indicate the size and quantity you desire. Please note that slight cropping of the image may be required to fit your selected print size. Pre-payment is requested to reduce the costs for this service.
Prices shown do not include shipping costs. Shipping costs are based on the total order price, not on the number of prints. Shipping prices are calculated when you check-out. Your poster or print will be sent using the most economical method. International shipping costs are slightly higher than prints shipped within the United States.

California residents are asked to add the appropriate sales tax.

You may use MasterCard, Visa, DiscoverCard, AmericanExpress or PayPal via PayPal's secure transaction services. You will receive an email confirming your purchase and a followup email with tracking information when your print has been shipped.

Most posters and prints are shipped to your address within two weeks of your order. Questions? Contact me: R. Jay GaBany.

If you are not satisfied with your poster or print, I will refund your costs without any questions. Print and poster specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.

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Limited Edition Posters

Image Select for larger view Size Quantity
The Horsehead Nebula

Limited Edition 20X30 inch Poster

Only $24.99
The Trifid Nebula

Limited Edition 20X30 inch Poster

Only $24.99
Total Lunar Eclipse

Limited Edition 20X30 inch Poster

Only $24.99
M101- The Northern Pinwheel Galaxy

Limited Edition 20X30 inch Poster

Only $24.99
The Christmas Tree Cluster

Limited Edition 20X30 inch Poster

Only $24.99
The Whirlpool Galaxy
with Supernova SN2011dh

Limited Edition 20X30 inch Poster

Only $24.99
The Lagoon Nebula

Limited Edition 20X30 inch Poster

Only $24.99
Six Years of Supernovae
The Whirlpool Galaxy

Limited Edition 20X30 inch Poster

Only $24.99
Stars, Dust and Gas
Anatomy of the Lagoon Nebula

Limited Edition 20X30 inch Poster

Only $24.99
High Resolution Prints

Image Select for larger view Size Quantity
Phantoms of the Sky
The Dumbbell Nebula
NGC 6853 (M27)
International Space Station Expedition 30 Official Crew Portrait
featuring NGC 3521
The Bubble Galaxy
NGC 3521
Supernova SN2011dh
in the Whirlpool Galaxy
We Are Not Alone
NGC 4631
The Whale Galaxy
An Entirely New Light
NGC 891
Tidal Stream Discovery
(NGC 5055, M63 The Sunflower Galaxy)
A Summer's Midnight Dream
(NGC 6514, M20 The Trifid Nebula)
In Praise of Amateurs
NGC 4258 (M106)- detail
Children May Safely Sleep
NGC 5033
The Umbrella Galaxy NGC4651
Arps' Loop and NGC3031 (M81)
M94- A New Optical Perspective
M94- A Panchromatic Perspective
The Perseus Galaxy Cluster (Abell426)
The Fox Fur Nebula- NGC 2264
The Cone Nebula- NGC 2264
The Christmas Tree Cluster mosaic- NGC 2264
The Exploration of Space Begins at Home
M101 (detail)
Childhood's Future
The Ghost of a Dwarf Galaxy
NGC 5907
Interstellar Windjammers
Eta Carinae
The Discovery of a Giant Tidal Stream
NGC 4013
A Lasting Impression
M 11
In The Living Presence
In The Living Presence
M8 & M20
The Stars Will be with You!
NGC 6559 (detail)
The Stars Will be with You!
IC 1274 & NGC 6559
Contrasting Perspectives
NGC 2903
Raygun Gothic
NGC 2070
A Flea's Perspective
Close up
NGC 4013
The Iceman can wait
Close up
M 1
Infinitely Reasonable
NGC 1788
Space is a Place!
NGC 1097
Space is a Place!
Close up
NGC 1097
The Four Seasonings
M 17
Gothic Stars
NGC 5907
Gothic Stars- Close up
NGC 5907
In Our Own Images
M 83
In Our Own Images
Central region
M 83
Being There
NGC 5128
Great Expectations
NGC 7023
Great Expectations- Close up
NGC 7023
Cosmic Cartographers
NGC 1579
Astronomers in Love
NGC 1300
Tug the Stars Closer
M 82
The Well- tempered Telescope
M 94
The Heart of Space
M 81
A Familiar Ring Close up
IC 434
Celestial Caroling
NGC 2264
Many Thanks to Give
NGC 253
Many Thanks to Give- core detail
NGC 253
Pulp Fiction
NGC 7293
It Takes a Chance
NGC 7331
A New Hope
M 51 with Supernova 2005cs