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Jay Gabany: the best of AmericaÉmilie Martin
The American Jay Gabany is regarded as one of the best astrophotographes current amateurs. Small selection of its the most impressive stereotyped.

Two black holes in collision: How they make vibrate the UniverseJean-François Hates
They are two Titans! Two monsters whose total mass reaches 150 million times that of the Sun... Irremediably involved one towards the other, the two giant black holes observed near the Milky Way will end up amalgamating in an impressive cosmic cataclysm.

Document: Flashes at the borders of spaceMuriel Valin
Fantastic flashes illuminate the upper atmosphere regularly. By studying them, the scientists are discovering that they generate formidable energies. As for their origin, it remains still quite mysterious.

A cosmic string put in examinationMyriam Détruy
The assumption of the cosmic strings, these negligible cracks of the Universe appeared at the time of the Big-bang, always awaits its proof by the observation. Until January, a team believed to see in the image of two twin galaxies this so much hoped confirmation. So much so that they had recourse to the Hubble telescope to slice.

The water of the Earth fell from the skyÉmilie Martin
It from now on is proven: water was brought on Earth by the asteroids! Emitted for more than ten years, this assumption has been just confirmed by the detection of an ejecting group of asteroids of the steam. The true history of blue planet finds its source... in space.

Extraterrestrial life: What it is necessary to seekDavid Fossé
In fifteen years the space telescopes able will be launched to unearth life on planets identified today around other stars. But how the astronomers have will the proof that they hold finally an alive world? Which signs will undoubtedly state to them that vegetable or animal species developed over there? The space agencies currently decide instruments which will have to be embarked on the telescopes Darwin and Terrestrial Planet Finder to collect these invaluable indices of a life elsewhere in the Universe.

Cubic Ice: A telescope cut in the icePhilippe Henarejos, Lucia Simion
Hunting for the cosmic neutrinos takes a new dimension with the South Pole Since more than one year, a gigantic detector of one kilometer cubic takes form in the icecap of the Antarctic. A technical and human challenge which should open a new window on the Universe from here 2011.

Broken down comet amateursDavid Fossé
It is an astonishing paradox: whereas in ten years, the number of comets discovered was multiplied by thirty, the astronomers amateurs discover only two as well as possible of them per annum! How does one discover a comet and why is this much more difficult than formerly? Inquire into a community of which the ambition remains to hang names with the firmament.

Great exposure in Clermont-Ferrand: All on the SunMyriam Détruy
During all the summer and until the end of the autumn, the Sun is in the high-speed motorboat in Clermont-Ferrand in a free exposure of a great originality which had already been noticed in 2004 in Paris.

Saint Martin's day de Queyrières: The observatory which returns by farMyriam Détruy
Saint Martin's day de Queyrières, the tenacity of an impassioned man of stars, Herve Derycker, allowed ressusciter the observatory of Briançon them Écrins, which had in particular taken the lightning. Today, of its headland, the new observatory proudly looks at a preserved sky of the urban gleams.

Two planets visit the CribJean-Luc Dauvergne
Rare phenomenon: March and Saturn spend this month in front of the Crib, one of the most beautiful star clusters of the sky.

Drive out Mercure in the twilightEmmanuel Beaudoin
Voir Mercure is an event. The planet nearest to the Sun is so discrete that many amateurs never observed it. This month, it passes in favorable position in the sky of the evening. An occasion not to fail to discover this planet perpetually masked in dazzling solar halation.


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