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Night Sky January/February 2007
Reflections: Desperately Seeking Saturn
By J. Kelly Beatty

Your Letters

The Sky Tonight January: Hello, Venus!
Bright Venus climbs up from the glow of sunset, and Mercury joins it late in the month. By Alan MacRobert

The Sky Tonight February: Orion Rules
Orion stands at his highest these evenings, pointing the way to sights all around the sky. By Alan MacRobert

Constellation Close-Up: Orion, Lord of the Sky
Learn the lore and science behind the most magnificent star group in the sky. By Tony Flanders

Take A Star-Hop: Let's Get Sirius
Explore the busy neighborhood of the night sky's most brilliant star. By Sue French

Science Spotlight: The Hyades
This big, bold star cluster beckons on clear winter evenings.
Beyond the Printed Page: See the motion of the Hyades in three dimensions. By Ken Hewitt-White

Other Worlds: Glimpse the Moon's Far Side
Thanks to libration, you can see more of the lunar surface than you might think possible. By Gary Seronik

The Great Southern Sky
To see the night sky at its very best, you have to travel Down Under. By Alan Dyer

Beautiful images taken by backyard astronomers around the world.

Straight Talk: Full-Moon Madness
Is the full Moon really linked to crime, suicide, mental illness, disasters, accidents, birthrates, fertility, and werewolves? By Phil Plait

Success Stories: Stalking the Green Flash
By carefully watching at sunset, you can see the last lip of the Sun turn a dramatic emerald color. By Gordon Reade

Skill Builders: Quick and Easy Polar Alignment
An equatorial mount lets you track the stars with ease — once it's been set up properly. By Gary Seronik

Gearing Up: Keeping Warm
Celestial sights beckon on winter nights, but for extended observing you'll need to be prepared for the cold. By Gilda V. Bryant

Help Desk

In Focus: Gary Seronik

Afterimage: Horsing Around
By R. Jay GaBany

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