A Familiar Ring
NGC 2023 in Orion

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In the late 1930's and for ten years hence, J.R.R. Tolkien wrote his epic three part masterpiece about Middle Earth- considered to be a milestone of the last century and a jewel of English literature. The transparent prose conveyed a sense of place where his characters struggled on, often without chance of success, only to find their efforts finally fruitful, all in all, at the end. The story was not meant to be allegorical, it was not laced with symbols. It appeals because it exposes consequences, for good and for ill, as freely made choices pile one upon the other- how seductively attractive poor choices are, how painfully hard good choices can be and how readily one kind can be mistaken for the other- just like the string of decisions made when processing an image.

It's a world that has captured an audience of millions- look at the success of the recent films! For the past three weeks, music from these movies have filled my ears and happily wafted me away from my work-day reality to an exotic realm while I wrangled with my current project.

I'd like to share the results with you, it will only take a moment. I believe you may find it novel and something that has a familiar ring.

On a dawnless day, the eye of Sauron (above) looked out from his dark throne in Mordor toward the land of men.

While Shadowfax, the Lord of the Horses, stood tall like a tower, awaiting the call to battle.

As Sauron's minions massed on distant hills to wage war with the combined forces of Middle Earth, here's my full image, my first two panel mosaic(!), in a scene that pulls it all together.

Pardon me if I appear to be talking in circles.

September 10- December 7, 2005

495 minutes Luminance, 180 minutes Red, 144 minutes Green and 216 minutes Blue (1X1)
RCOS 20-inch (f/8)